3.7m2 Mosaic themed French floor - 1920's

A small mosaic themed French ceramic floor produced by Societe Mosaique-Ceramique Maubeuge in the 1920's, the tiles are reverse stamped MCM FRANCE. 

The 14.5cm, 17mm thick tiles are in a faux mosaique design of a central aubergine coloured motif with sky blue diamond accents and mid grey piping on a white slip.

The floor, which has been professionally restored and comes ready to relay, comes with 70 ceramic mosaic themed half border tiles, which have been shown in duplicate.

Total surface area is 3.7m2 / 40 sq ft

The floor has cleaned well revealing a heavy quality ceramic, a small number of tiles bear small groutable chips or edge nibbles.

A perfect, unique and practical floor for a small bathroom (or a larger one framed with a complimentary modern ceramic or antique wood), a porch, toilet, mud room

Tile quantities:-

MOSAIC FIELD - 145 tiles - 3m2 / 32.3 sq. ft

HALF SIZE BORDER - 70 tiles* - 0.7m2 / 7.5 sq. ft.

*9.9 linear metres / 32.6 linear ft.



Floor Size: 
To 5m²