3.6m2 antique French ceramic 14.3cm square tiles

A small, pretty antique French ceramic tile in a vegetal theme of thistles

The floor dates from the early 20th century, pre-1925, and the tiles are stamped MCM FRANCE (we think this is Manufacturers Ceramiques Maubeuge)

Totalling 160 field tiles, there are also 17 border tiles available, allowing for use as an accent, like positiong the borders in a door jamb or as a small centralised square frame

The floor has cleaned well of its old lime based mortar; the patina is rich and antique with a small number of tiles displaying edge nibbles and groutable chips as the high resolution photographs of random section of the tiles shows

This is one of two floors reclaimed from the same house in northern France. Curiously both floors have an identically designed field tile and a subtle variation on the border (although they are different manufacturers for both floors). The tile sizes are also different; this floor is of 14.3cm sq tiles and the other 15cm sq tiles

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To 5m²