30+ antique Boch Freres Border tiles 1900

A run of antique French Boch Freres Maubeuge border tiles in a helix design

17cm square tiles, superb ceramic from a quality heritage handmade production

The tiles can be seen in the 1900 Boch Freres catalogue scans included in the photo gallery

Fully cleaned and ready to relay they come with their original 4 border corner tiles

Can be used to frame a ceramic, antique parquet, as a decorative feature in kitchen or bathroom, as a splashback, counter run, in an inglenook, chimney hearth...

We also have available 6 of the border tile with its central blue ring motif. These were used within the border run at the central point as a decorative feature. See photographs for details; one displays a larger chip, nevertheless groutable.

25 'helix themed' border tiles for a linear length of 4.25 metres, 13.9 feet.

Plus 6 'centralised blue motif' border tiles, for a linear length of 102cm, 40 inches

Floor Size: 
To 5m²