2m2+ to 5.5m2 antique French carreaux de ciments tiles

A small classical French antique carreaux de ciments chessboard tile floor with complimentary half size ceramic border tiles.

The floor has been reclaimed from an entrance room of a house in renovation in a small town close to Dunkerque in northern France.

Both the black and white tiles are 16 cm sq and 16mm thick and and the half size borders, for which there are four corner pieces, are 14cm x 7cm and 14mm thick.

The tiles have no reverse marking but are dated from the construction of the house, the 1920's.

The tiles have been cleaned of their old mortar and tile joint removed from sides. Their faces, soiled by years of layered wax, have been cleaned with a specialist alkaline tile restorer revealing a rich antique tile patina of, in the case of some tiles, small chips and groutable edge nibbles as well as colour variation amongst the whites. The photographs below are of a random sample of the floor and show it now its matt state; being a cured rather than a fired tile and having a porosity similar to terracotta they should only be laid inside the home and should be sealed once laid to both protect them and make maintenance nothing more than a regular wash. Sealants are clear, low cost, easily applied and do not change the aspect of the tiles.

Tile quantities, give to take one or two:-

Black - 38 - 1m2 / 10.7 sq ft

White - 38 - 1m2 / 10.7 sq ft

NOTE:- There are a substantial number, some 140+, additional black tiles available.

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To 5m²5m² - 10m²