26m2 of black and cream antique French carreaux de ciments tiles - c. 1900-1910

A large antique French damier of carreaux de ciments tiles dating from the early years of the twentieth century and totalling c.26m2+ / 280 sq ft. These charcoal and cream tiles are 20cm sq, +/- 3cm thick and close to 1.5 kilos each.

We have quality controlled the tiles for the purpose of obtaining a count and c.1m2 have had old mortar to the reverse of the tiles slowly sliced off. The faces, on arriving discoloured by years of layered wax, carpet tape and general dirt have been cleaned with a specialist alkaline. They have a rich time worn patina, full of character; some displaying edge nibbling and chips but all groutable and part of the floors aged charm. The photographs below are a random and accurate representation of the floor as a whole.

The majority of the floor is still to be professionally cleaned and packed for shipping with an estimation of 2 weeks work to completion. This work will need to be assigned to our production schedule, so if you have an interest in the floor please discuss timescales with us and we can indicate a delivery time.

Being a cured rather than fired tile, as well as having a low level of porosity, once relaid it will be necessary to seal the floor with a specialist selant to protect it against staining. The sealant will be supplied by us free of charge. Again, owing to their porosity, the tiles should only be laid inside the home unless you live in a climate where there is no risk of sub zero temperatures, involving freezing and thawing, something which over years would damage the structure of the tile and cause surface splitting.

There are c. 335 black tiles and c.315 cream tiles plus rejects for cutting and keying.

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