22m2+ antique ceramic Belgian floor with twin borders

A large, period ceramic encaustic floor reclaimed from a Maison Maitre built in 1904 in Tournai, south west of Brussels, the floor was laid in a principal reception room and totals 22m2+ / 240 sq ft.

Comprising of a strongly geometric field tile and accompanying full size and half size borders, the tiles are 14cm square and 15mm thick. The half size border, for which there is a compliment of eight corner pieces, is 14cm x 7cm and the four corners tiles for the large borders have also been reclaimed. The tiles are reverse stamped 'R' - Made in Belgium, having been produced by SA La Ceramique Moderne in Rebaix in the Henegouwen province of Belgium. We cannot specifically date the tiles though the last known record of a catalogue produced the company was in the mid 1930's.

The palette of the floor is cool and the tiles have cleaned well of their old mortar and wax, arriving ready to relay. Some tiles, particularly the small border tiles, have groutable edge nibbles but the ceramic is excellent displaying no surface wear and consistent colours. Being a highly fired encaustic tile they can be laid with underfloor heating systems most effectively and are also suitable for exterior applications like garden paths, patios, in summer houses and conservatories.

Tile quantities, give or take one or two:-

Main field tiles - 950 - 18.6m2 / 200 sq ft

Large Border tiles - 100 plus 2 corners - 2m2 / 21.5 sq ft or 14 linear metres / 45.9 linear feet

Small Border tiles - 173 plus 8 corners - 1.75m2 / 18.8 sq ft or 24.5 linear metres / 80.4 linear feet

Floor Size: 
10m² - 20m²20m²+