22m2 / 235 sq ft Art Nouveau French ceramic encaustic floor with four border tile layout

A very impressive French art nouveau floor dated 1905 reclaimed from a Town House in Picardie and restored to its original beauty. The floor has a four border tile layout of twin back to back large border tiles embracing art nouveau design framing and floral themes and a half size border tile, again laid in duplicate in warm burnt reds and yellows, that has a hand painted feel to it. The principal colour of the floor, apparent in the fond of both the main field and border tile, is a mint green and the swirling tessallation of summer flowers and what appear to resemble sheaves of wheat is beautifully detailed.

All the corner pieces for the borders are complete and the tiles, which have had old mortar carefully removed, display their originally fired vibrant colours. The floor is in excellent condition and the ceramic of good quality.

Tile quantities, give or take one or two:-

Field tile – 665 tiles

Large borders – 260 tiles

Small borders – 275 tiles

Large border corners – all eight

Small border corners – 4 tiles

Floor Size: