20.5m2 / 220 sq ft Mosaic themed ceramic floor c.1930

One of two mosaic themed floors we have just lifted from a renovation in Arneke, Nord Pas de Calais, France, the floor dates from the 1930's. The 14cm square field tiles, opening out beautifully detailed styalized floral motifs across their four tile tessellation, are framed by a same size large border, itself top and tailed by a half size border series to achieve an ornate triple border tile lay. There are three large border corner tiles and five half border tile corner tiles but the missing can easily be mitre cut from existing borders.

We have shown below photographs of the floor pre-lifting and a large section of the floor following its now complete restoration with the tiles revealing their crisp, rich, warm palette. The ceramic is excellent, 15mm thick tiles with a deep slip and with just a few handfuls of tiles bearing small groutable edge nibbles. The palette is warm; on a tile fond of white there is tangerine, turquoise and dark red present. This is a highly fired ceramic tile and as such will work most efficiently with underfloor heating systems and it can be laid inside or outside of the home, for example in a conservatory, summer house or on a garden patio. The tile slip is dense offering virtually zero surface porosity so sealing of the tiles once laid is not required, a simple regular wash will be enough to retain its lustre.

Tile quantities, give or take one or two:-

Field tiles - 830 - 16.6m2 / 179 sq ft

Large Border tiles - 98 plus 3 corners - 2m2 / 21.5 sq ft or 14.1 linear metres or 46.4 linear feet

Half size borders tiles - 188 plus 5 corners - 1.9m2 / 20.5 sq. ft or 26.3 linear metres or 86.2 linear feet*

* Halve the linear length for a double lay as shown in the photographs

Floor Size: