17m2 / 183 sq ft 19th century French terracotta hexagon tiles

17m2 / 183 sq ft of antique, handmade, reclaimed French hexagon terracotta tiles, the tiles have had there old lime based mortar removed from their reverses and sides and their faces steam washed; they arrive ready to relay. Close to 2cm thick, 14.5cm wide with 8.5cm sides and 16.5cm point to point there are 55 tiles to a m2 with each tile weighing 900 grammes each. Thicknesses vary owing to their being handmade.

Being terracotta they should only be laid inside the home unless you live in a climate where there is no risk of sub-zero temperatures. Once laid they would benefit from an application of linseed oil to not only add lustre but to protect and feed the tiles. 

We have installed antique hexagon terracotta tiles on entrance steps and around the chimney in the barn of our home here in Burgundy. Some photographs are below showing the look achieved.

Floor Size: 
10m² - 20m²