16m2 antique Belgian faux mosaique ceramic - late 19th century

16m2 / 172 sq ft antique ceramic encaustic tile manufactured in the late 19th century by Societe Anonyme Compagnie Generale de Produits Ceramiques SAINT GHISLAIN (Belgique) we have included in the photo gallery scans from their period catalogue in our possession.

The design is bold, in a faux mosaic popular in both the late 19th century, where examples can also be found of Boch Freres productions, and then again more widely used in the 1920’s amongst French and Belgian tile manufacturers. Both the principal field tile and large border are 14cm sq and the half border, laid in duplicate top and tailing the large border, are 14cm x 7cm. We have recovered all 4 large border corners and all 8 small border corners.

The floor has cleaned well of its old mortar to the reverse and sides and removal of years of old wax has revealed a tile of a rich palette and an excellent 15mm thick ceramic. Colours are crisp and consistent. A small number of tiles display small chips or edge nibbles, all groutable but the tiles are robust and good for another 100 years. A decadent and indulgent floor that will be a statement piece in any room.

A highly fired tile they can be laid inside or outside of the home and will work efficiently with underfloor heating systems.

Tile quantities, give or take one or two: -

FIELD – 640 tiles – 12.5m2 / 135 sq ft.

LARGE BORDER – 100 tiles plus 4 corners – 2m2 / 21.5 sq ft. – 14.6 linear metres / 47.8 linear ft.

SMALL BORDER – 170 tiles plus 8 corners – 1.7m2 /  18.4 sq ft. – 24.3 linear metres / 79.7 linear ft. 



Floor Size: 
10m² - 20m²