16.75m2 - Early 20th century Perrusson floor with a rich patina

Totalling c.16.75m2 / 180 sq ft. an antique French ceramic floor manufactured by Perrusson Fils Desfontaines Ecuisses in the early twentieth century.

If you are looking for an ornate floor with a rich patina that immediately says ‘120 years old’ this is a candidate floor. Owing to the handmade production of each tile there is tonal variation apparent in the palette, evident in the high-resolution photos of a random section of the floor. Additionally, tile thickness is variable and in the case of a dozen or so tiles there has been an incident during their firing over a hundred year ago of the red hot coke exploding in the kiln and burning into the tile. We have shown examples of these in the photo gallery. 

The floor comprises of three separate 17cm sq field tiles with the central blue tile being the anchor. We have also shown that the floor can be laid in another way, excluding this blue field tile and using just two field tiles. There are a small number of same size border tiles available, some 34, insufficient to frame the floor but they could be used to top and tail the floor. Three photos of the floor, pre lifting from its original Burgundian home, close to Chalon-Sur-Saone, are also included in the gallery.

This is potentially a complex design and we would be happy, working from a sketch with key dimensions that you provide, to look without obligation at the best fit aesthetically in the room of your choice. We can also potentially take that to the next stage of producing a computerised floor plan.

Tile quantities:-

Blue floral field tiles – 46 – 1.33m2
Field tile ‘A’ – 252 – 7.3m2
Field tile ‘B’ – 215 – 6.2m2
Large Borders – 65 – 1.9m2


Ref Code: 
CE265 CE270
Floor Size: 
10m² - 20m²