16.5m2+ / 177 sq ft - Antique French Art Nouveau ceramic floor c.1900

A stunning antique ceramic encaustic French floor dating from the early 20th Century reclaimed from a townhouse in Namur, Belgium and restored by us to its original beauty. The floor is superbly framed by a same size border tile and a half size border top and bottom. Both the main field tile and the large border are 14.2cm square with the half size borders 14cm x 7cm. The corner pieces for the floor are present and correct and the floor totals 16.5m2 / 177 sq ft in surface area.

The exquisite design and tessellation in a palette of cream, vieux rose, sky blue and greens is instantly recognisable as Art Nouveau; the fluidity of the pattern is intricate and delicate and the webbing on the main field tiles and large borders a strong art nouveau theme. 

The floor has cleaned superbly, revealing a good quality ceramic and deep slip with no surface wear. Some tiles display small grout-able chips and edge nibblings, expected of a 100 years old+ floor, but once laid we guarantee that the floor will be good for another 100 years. Being a highly fired tile it can be laid inside or outside of the home and will work very efficiently with inderfloor heating systems. The tile is non-glazed and the ceramic dense so  the floor will not require sealing once laid, a regular washing is all that is required for it to retain its beauty.

Tile quantities (give or take one or two):-

625 field tiles totalling 12.5m2.

102 large border tiles totalling 2m2 or 14.5 linear metres (47.5 linear feet)

204 half size border tiles totalling 2m2 or 29 linear metres (95 linear feet)

This is only the second time we have come across this floor in eight years. The last floor we sold has been installed in the reception hallway of an Edwardian house in Dulwich, London. The only difference in the two floors being the half size border tiles.

Floor Size: 
10m² - 20m²