16.3m2 Belgian Art Nouveau ceramic floor pre-1912

A beautiful Belgian art nouveau floor manufactured by Carrelages Céramiques de Chimay, Maufroid Freres & Soeur, Rue Poncet, Bourlers, Henegouwen, Belgium, who later became: S.A. La Céramique de Bourlers. Maufroid Freres et Soeur traded as such between 1879 and 1912 and the tiles display on their reverse the Maufroid rings and centralised 'M'.

In a cool palette of greys, offwhite and sky blue the tiles are 16cm square and 15mm thick. They come with their original back to back same size border tiles, which frame the more ornate free-flowing design of the field tiles quite exquisitely. We are delighted to have recovered the full contingent of border tiles and their four internal and four external border corners. There are 200 large borders providing for a linear lay of some 16.6 linear metres as a back to back lay, as shown in the photographs, or double that for a single lay.

The floor has cleaned well and has a lovely patina, the colours constant and the ceramic excellent quality. There are chips and edge nibbles on some tiles, all groutable. The high resolution photographs below of around 2m2 of the floor are an accurate representation of the whole and being a highly fired tile it can be laid inside or outside of the home, working very efficiently with underfloor heating systems.

Tile quantities, give or take one or two:-

Main field tiles - 430 - 11m2 / 119 sq ft

Large border tiles - 200 plus all 8 corners - 5.3m2 / 57 sq ft or 33.2 linear metres double lay / 16.6 linear metres single lay - 54.5 linear feet / 109 linear feet

Floor Size: 
10m² - 20m²