16 antique French border tiles - late 19th century

A small run of antique French ceramic tiles produced by Paul Charnoz, Paray le Monial in the late 19th century

Reclaimed from the kitchen of a chicory farm being renovated in the north of France

The tiles were individually handmade and as a consequence, as can be seen in the high resolution photographs, there is significant variation in the slip tones

The tiles display a rich patina; capillary cracks, which formed when the tiles were taken from the kiln after firing and small chips and edge nibbles are apparent, all groutable and adding to their charm

17cm sq tiles, over 15mm thick and more than a kilo each, these are a quality tile and would make a unique statement as a decorative feature, splashback, in a chimney hearth...

16 tiles available for a linear length of 270cm / 106 inches