A 15m2 French Maubeuge damier ceramic c.1920-1925

Totalling 15m2/160 sq ft, a fully restored and ready to relay antique French ceramic manufactured by Manufacturer des Ceramiques Maubeuge, Landrecies et Montplaisir in the 1920’s. Included in the photo gallery are scans from the period catalogues of the tiles as well as a photograph of the workers in the Montplaisir factory in the early part of the twentieth century.

The floor consists of two principal 14.2cm square field tiles laid in a damier style; a plain dove grey ceramic and a gothic style motif field tile in terracotta and mustard. There are 230 tiles of each. Beautifully framing the floor are up to 240 ornate and fluid same size border tiles for which  all of the corner pieces are present. We have additionally reclaimed around 90 half size border tiles.

A highly fired tile they can be laid inside or outside of the home.


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10m² - 20m²