15m2+ classically tessellating antique floor c.1909

A large, 15m2+ classically designed antique French floor in grey, charcoal and cream, featuring a small royal blue centralised motif. The floor is sold complete with the original light grey and cream double border tiles. The conservative geometric design of the principal field tiles are framed by an unusual back to back border tile which appear to have an industrial production theme; their continuous form creating the impression of a linked series of steel wheels and cables set between two running tracks complete with pulleys. There are 14 corner pieces for the borders, which effectively accommodates the laying of the borders around an inglenook or chimney hearth. The floor tiles are marked ‘CM’, an abbreviation for Céramiques de Morialmé, a period ceramic tile producer founded c.1898 and that, coupled with the date of the town house from which they were reclaimed in Amiens, would date the tiles around 1909. The tiles are 16cm / 6 ¼ inches sq and are in very good condition. They have had old mortar cut away and a high pressure steam cleaning one by one has revealed a tile of very good quality; an excellent encaustic ceramic, with a good slip and vibrant colours.

Tile quantities give or take one or two:-

Field tiles – 399

Border tiles – 182

Corner pieces – 14

Floor Size: 
10m² - 20m²