150 ceramic Saint Ghislain half size borders c.1897

150 antique ceramic half size border tiles.

Manufactured by Saint-Ghislain, Chimay in Belgium they appear in the Saint-Ghislain catalogue of 1897 included in the photo gallery.

Palette of salmon, lemon and mid grey with some charcoal piping, 15cm x 7.5cm and 15mm thick.

Some tiles display tonal variations owing to their handmade production. They have cleaned superbly, small numbers have small chips, edge nibbles, all groutable.

Suitable for framing an antique or modern ceramic, as a kitchen counter run, bathroom splashback in a shower or antique bath, in a chimney hearth or inglenook.

150+ tiles available plus 2 corners providing a linear length of 22.5 linear metres / 73.8 linear feet.

Opportunity to sell in smaller quantities with a minimum order quantity of 15 tiles.

Floor Size: 
To 5m²