A 14.5m2 antique Belgian triple border ceramic - dated 1895

An impressively detailed triple border faux mosaic themed Belgian ceramic, reclaimed, restored and ready to relay.

15cm square tiles with half size and full size borders for which 4 large and 6 small border corners are present.

The floors surface is 14.5m2 / 156 sq ft.

Manufactured by Compagnie Generale des Produits Ceramiques a Saint-Ghislain (Belgique) we have included a scan from their 1895 catalogue showing the floor.

An excellent ceramic, now 126 years old, the floor has restored well; a quality 15mm thick ceramic and deep slip, there are tonal variations in colour owing to their handmade production.

The high resolution photographs of a randomly selected section of around 1.2m2 of the floor reveal a small number of tiles with edge nibbles or groutable small chips but no surface wear and a charming antique patina.

Being a highly fired tile it can be laid both inside and outside of the home.

Tile quantities by tile type:-

FIELD - 515 tiles - 11.6m2 / 125 sq ft.

LARGE BORDER tiles - 60 plus 4 corners 1.44m2 / 15.5 sq ft - 9.6 linear metres / 31.5 linear feet

SMALL BORDER tiles - 130 plus 6 corners 1.5m2 / 16.1 sq ft - 19.5 linear metres / 64 linear feet

Floor Size: 
10m² - 20m²