13m2 antique Belgian floor in a cool palette

Recently reclaimed and currently being restored, a c.13m2 antique Belgian ceramic floor

Handmade by S.A Compagnie de Produits Ceramiques Saint Remy, the tiles are reverse stamped P C S R

Originating from Chimay, in the Hainaut region of Belgium,  the company was established in 1892

The 15cm square main field tiles come with their original full size borders, which can be laid as singles or back to back as shown in the photographs. The borders provide a bold symmetrical frame to the more detailed and vegetal field tile theme

Cool palette of greys and blues with off white and burgundy present

The floor is currently being professionally cleaned and will be available soon

Indicative surface available of c.13m2 / 140 sq ft - enquire for tile counts by tile type

We have photographed a c.1.5m2 section of the floor below - being ceramic and highly fired it can be used inside or outside of the home

The floor displays a pleasing antique patina - colours are crisp and consistant, small groutable edge nibbles are present but a heavy, quality ceramic

Floor Size: 
10m² - 20m²