12m2 French Art Nouveau ceramic floor with striking double borders

Irrefutably art nouveau in its glorious styling this 12m2 antique French floor of 15cm sq tiles has been reclaimed from a period property in Lille, northern France and restored to its turn of the century condition. The design is vegetal; ferns and daisies on a fond of green, underpinned by a delicate flesh coloured motif and piping. The original double border tiles embrace all that is elegant about art nouveau, its fluidity, geometry and subtlety. The border is also unique in that while it is a double back to back border, both tiles are different. The colours are sharp but given its dominance is green it is easy on the eye and provides various options for wall decoration. This is a floor that could be suited to many rooms in a house and would be perfect for a summer room or conservatory, linking home to garden and bathed in light.   

The tiles are reverse marked 'B&W' - Winckelmans.

Now professionally cleaned of its old mortar and wax the floor arrives ready to relay and being a highly fired tile it can be relaid with underfloor heating systems. It is completely in tact with all of its original 8 border corner pieces.

Tile quantities, give or take one or two:-

Field tiles - 375

External Border tiles* - 70 (4 corners, 1 with thumb nail size chip) - 10.5 linear metres / 34 1/2 linear ft

Internal Border tiles* - 62 (4 corners) - 9.3 linear metres / 30 1/2 linear ft

there is a difference in the quantities of the internal and external borders because the external borders requires 8 more tiles to frame the floor. Both series are complete.

Floor Size: 
10m² - 20m²