12m2 / 130 sq ft antique ceramic art nouveau floor with triple borders

A 12m2+ / 130 sq ft art nouveau floor, complete with its original triple border tiles of one same size border framed by a half size border laid in duplicate. There is the full compliment of 4 corner tiles available for the full size border and 8 for the half size. The floor has been recovered along with another art nouveau floor from a maison maitre close to Charleloi in Belgium and a link for the second floor can be found below. Both the main field tile and same size border are 14.5cm square and offer up a styalised vegetal design in a pastel palette of sky blue, pink and white. The half size geometric border tiles frame a pretty, floral themed large border. The tiles are in very good condition, small groutable chips and nibbles are present but they have cleaned very well of old mortar and reveal in the tile slip no surface wear and strong and consistent colours.

The reverses of the tiles bear the inscription 'CNW', an abbreviation for 'Societe Anonyme Le Ceramique National, Welkenraedt', a company established at Forges-Les-Chimay in 1892 which later opened a subsidiary in Welkenraedt in 1900. The Welkenraedt factory continued to trade until the mid 1920's so the floor dates between 1900 and 1920.

The floor can be relaid either inside or outside of the home and will work efficiently and effectively with underfloor heating systems. Being a fine ceramic they will not need sealing or waxing once relaid and a regular wash is all that is need to retain their beauty.

Tile quantities, give or take one or two:-

Main field tiles - 415 - 8.75m2

Large border tiles - 82 plus 4 corner tiles - 1.8m2 or 12.5 linear metres / 41 linear ft.

Small border tiles - 145 plus 8 corner tiles - 1.56m2 or 21.6 linear metres / 70.8 linear ft.

Floor Size: 
10m² - 20m²