A 12m2 / 129 sq ft St. Remy, Chimay ceramic with triple borders

An ornate antique Belgian ceramic encaustic floor consisting of a principal 14cm sq field tile, same size border and a half border, laid in duplicate.

The floor was manufactured by Societe Anonyme des Produits Ceramiques St. Remy, Chimay (Belgique) and we would date the floor at c.1920-1930

c.12m2 / 129 sq ft in surface area the floors palette is easy on the eye. This is a good ceramic which had restored well, 15mm thick tiles reveal a pleasing patina and the high resolution photographs in the gallery are an accurate representation of the whole floor.

We have recovered all four large border corners and four of the small border corners, so if a double lay is desired then the other four can be angle or mitre cut from existing regular borders.

The tiles do not need sealing once laid, a regular wash being all they need to maintain their beauty and being a highly fired tile can also be laid outside of the home; in a summer house, on a garden patio or garden pathway, in a conservatory etc.

Tile quantities, by tile type:-

FIELD - 475 tiles - 9.5m2 / 102 sq ft

LARGE BORDER - 70 tiles plus 4 corners - 1.45m2 / 15.6 sq ft. - 10.4 linear metres / 34 linear feet.

SMALL BORDER - 135 tiles plus 4 corners - 1.34m2 / 14.4 sq ft. - 18.9 linear metres / 62 linear feet*.

* halve the linear lengths for a double border lay.

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Floor Size: 
10m² - 20m²