12.7m2+ / 137 sq ft antique French ceramic damier floor with ornate borders c.1920

A 12.7m2 / 137 sq ft French ceramic encaustic floor, laid in a traditional damier style and made up of three separate 14.5cm square tiles, framed by an ornate border tile of the same palette, manufactured by Ceramiques de Maubeuge, Douzies Maubeuge. The border tiles are +/- 14.9cm sq. The palette is cool in mid grey, blues and off-white with charcoal present in the border piping. The damier is anchored by a plain mid grey tile, manufactured by Societe Morialme and which sits either side of both a mosaic themed motif tile, very popular in France around 1920 or a grey diamond on off-white tile. The tiles have cleaned well and are in good condition, some displaying small chips and edge nibbles but all robust and with a pleasing patina. The border tiles display a rich antique patina with occasional small chips and edge nibbles, all groutable.

The high resolution photographs shown below are of around 1m2 / 11 sq ft of the floor and create the impression of the tiles being 'in relief'. This is owing to the plain grey tiles being less thick than the other two making up the main surface of the floor.

Being a highly fired ceramic tile they can be laid inside or outside of the home as both high and sub zero temperatures will have no detrimental effect on them. They will also be excellent conductors and retainers of heat and can be used with underfloor heating systems.

Tile quantities, give or take one or two:-

Mosaic motif - 160 - 3.36m2

Diamond on white - 190 - 3.9m2

Plain grey - 200 - 4.2m2

Ornate border - 55 - 1.23m2 or 8.1 linear metres, 26.7 linear feet*

* There are no border corner tiles but we will supply 9 border reject tiles free, which can be used to mitre cut the border corners

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10m² - 20m²