11m2 antique French carreaux de ciments floor tiles with original borders

11m2+ of antique French carreaux de ciments floor tiles reclaimed from a Town House dated 1910 in Burgundy, France. The tiles are 17cm sq and 2 cm thick and tessellate to form an ornate interwoven geometric design in vieux rose, tangerine and sage on an off white background. 

The floor has been cleaned of old mortar to the reverse and sides and the faces have been cleaned with an alkaline tile restoring product. Having been cleaned they are now in their matt state and will require waxing once laid to lift the lustre of the colours with an off the shelf floor tile wax. 

Being carreaux de ciments they are suitable for in-door use only.

330 field tiles - 9.5m2 / 103 sq ft

50 border tiles, totaling 8.5 linear metres or 27.8 linear feet. 1.5 m2 / 16 sq ft

Plus a large number of tile rejects for use as offcuts and for mitre cutting border corners

Floor Size: 
10m² - 20m²