11m2+ antique French carreaux de ciments field tiles

11m2 / 120 sq ft antique French carreaux de ciments 20cm square tiles, reclaimed from two adjacent rooms of a townhouse in the suburbs of the mediterranean city of Montpellier and which date from the early part of the twentieth century. The tiles tessellate to produce a complex geometrical pattern centered around a chainlinked star in a palette off-white, electric blue and salmon. The floor is in good condition and has cleaned well but as can be seen from a random section of the floor in the high resolution photographs below it does have a rich, time worn surface patina. The tiles are heavy, at nearly 2 kilos per tile, and are over 2cm thick.

Like terracotta, carreaux de ciments tiles are slightly porous and having been professionally cleaned of old wax and dirt with a specialist alkaline tile restorer these tiles are now in their original matt state. Once relaid they will require sealing to protect them against staining, a clear product which we will supply and which simply requires two coats painting on once the jointing of the floor is complete and dry. Carreaux de ciments tiles are a cured rather than fired tile made from a mix of cement, marble dust and colour pigments and only suitable for laying inside a home as sub zero temperatures with freezing and thawing can eventually damage the tile.

310 tiles - 12.4m2

25 tiles per metre square.

Floor Size: 
10m² - 20m²