11m2 antique carreaux de ciment floor of 14cm sq tiles

An 11m2 / 120 sq ft. antique French carreaux de ciment floor of 14cm square tiles with 6.3 linear metres / 21 linear feet of same size border tiles. The floor has been reclaimed from the reception room of a town house close to the Mediterranean city of Montpellier, southern France. The design is classical French damier, complimented by a motif tile and border tile which introduce a dark fuchsia to the palette of grey-blue and off-white. The floor has a rich, time aged patina, as the photographs show; there are edge nibbles and chips apparent on the tiles and being a ciment tile and consequently having a surface porosity similar to terracotta there are variances in the hue of the tiles as they have aged. The floor has cleaned well and the small section is a random selection of the whole floor.

The floor is now cleaned of its old mortar and wax and once re-laid the tiles will require the application of a protective sealant to guard against staining. We will provide this clear paint on sealing with the floor.

Being a cured rather than a fired tile the floor can only be re-laid within the home as external freezing and thawing would damage the tiles surface.

We have included a photograph below to show the floor pre-lifting, in its original configuration, although it can be laid in various ways depending on your taste.

Tile quantities, give or take one or two:-

Grey-blue tiles – 230+ (4.5m2)

Off-white tiles – 225 tiles (4.4m2)

Motif tiles – 60 (1.18m2)

Border tiles – 45 (0.88m2)

Plus free offcuts and half tiles.