An 11.5m2 Belgian ceramic Rebaix floor c.1920-1930

An 11.5m2+ / 124 sq ft ceramic encaustic floor of 14cm sq tiles in a cool palette of mid grey, green and blue. The floor comes with its original same size back to back borders. All four internal border corner tiles have been reclaimed and two of the exterior border corners. The missing two can be mitre cut from the regular border tiles. The borders can be laid back to back, as shown, or singularly, which would double the linear length available.

Bearing a reverse capital R stamp, the tiles were manufactured by Societe Anonyme Ceramiques Modernes Rebaix, Belgique and we date them as c.1920-1930.  

The tiles have cleaned well, as a high-resolution section of them in the gallery display. Small edge nibbles and grout-able small chips are evident on a quality ceramic 15mm thick. The tiles will work well with underfloor heating systems and can be laid inside or outside of the home as high summer and sub zero winter temperatures will have no detrimental effect on this highly fired tile.

Tile quantities, give or take one or two:-

FIELD tiles – 500 – 10m2 / 108 sq ft.

LARGE BORDER tiles – 74 plus 7 corners – 1.6m2 / 17.4 sq ft. – 11.3 linear metres / 37.2 linear ft.*

*Halve the dimensions for a back to back lay as shown in the gallery.