An 10.7m2 Ceramiques Moderne Art Deco floor

One of two floors reclaimed from the same property close to Orbais in Belgium, an 10.7m2+ / 115 sq ft ceramic encaustic tile with its original borders, one full size, one half size. The principal field and large border are 14cm sq and the half size 14cm x 7cm. The border configuration is of a small, large, and small border, so a triple border tile lay framing the field tile. All border corner tiles have been reclaimed, four for the large, eight for the small.

The tiles were manufactured by Societe Anonyme Ceramiques Modernes Rebaix and we would date them as c.1920-1930.  In the photo gallery we have included a scan from the page in their period catalogue where in the top right panel the floor can be seen and these tiles are reverse stamped with the Reblaix ‘R’. A link to the other floor reclaimed from the same house can be found here

The tiles have cleaned well, as a high-resolution section of them in the gallery display. Small edge nibbles and grout-able small chips are evident on an excellent ceramic 15mm thick. The palette is cool in shades of green, grey and white with mid blue piping and the design, tessellating over a 4 tile motifs, is clearly early art deco as the stylised dragonflies bear evidence. 

Tile quantities, give or take one or two:-

FIELD tiles – 390 –7.8m2 / 84 sq ft.

LARGE BORDER tiles – 70 plus 4 corners – 1.5m2 / 15.9 sq ft. – 10.4 linear metres / 34 linear ft.

SMALL BORDER tiles – 135 plus 8 corners – 1.4m2 / 14.7 sq ft. – 19.2 linear metres / 62.9 linear ft. 


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