A 10.2m2 / 110 sq ft antique Belgian ceramic floor (CL120)

Complete with its orginal same size and half size borders, this antique Belgian ceramic is a copy of a tile manufactured by Boch Freres between 1875-1878; a larger tile of 17cm sq and weighing over 1 kilo / 2.2lbs each.

While the tiles are square, the design is one of framed octagons, which interlink and tessellate over a four tile motif. The floor is framed by a same size and half size border, which is laid in duplicate.

The colours are beautifully crisp and autumnal, as the high resolution photographs show. There are some subtle colour variations amongst the field tiles owing to their handmade batch making process but all adding to their unique charm and the photographs below are of a random section of the floor which arrives fully restored and ready to relay. As a highly fired tile they can be laid inside or outside of the home and will work very efficiently with underfloor heating systems.

The floor totals 10.2m2 and there are also a number of free reject tiles with the floor for keying, using as halves or (should you prefer a rich antique patina) integrating into the floor when laying (c.30+ field tiles and 4 borders)

Tile quantities:-

Field tiles - 390- 7.65 m2 / 82.3 sq ft.

Large Border tiles - 60 plus 4 corners - 1.25 m2 / 13.5 sq ft or 9 linear metres / 29.5 linear feet

Small Border tiles - 129 plus 6 corners - 1.3 m2 / 14 sq ft or 18 linear metres / 59 linear feet

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