10.25m2+ French damier with lush borders

A traditional French damier ceramic encaustic floor dating from the 1920's and manufactured by Societe Morialme, the two field tiles are reverse stamped MCM FRANCE.

Total surface area is 10.25m2 / 110.3  sq ft.

There are two field tiles, both 14.5cm sq; the plain grey is 13mm thick and the grey diamond on an off-white slip is 17mm thick. The difference in thickness contributes to the difficulty of photographing them together without them appearing 'in-relief' and the photographs also create the impression of very different tones. The reality is that, while the two greys are not identical, they are certainly very close*.

The floor is sold with a 15cm, 17mm thick antique border tile of a lush, fluid white motif on a charcoal slip. Made by Boucquey et Winckelman Lille (we include scans of the tiles from their period catalogue) the border beautifully accents and frames a traditional chessboard principal lay and more borders are available should they be required.

Suitable for a lay inside or outside of the home and ideal for underfloor heating systems the floor has restored very well revealing quality ceramics; a small number bear edge nibbles or small groutable chips but offer a lovely patina as the high resolution photographs show.

Tile quantities, give or take one or two;

PLAIN GREY - 200 tiles - 4.25m2 / 45.7 sq. ft

DIAMOND - 191  tiles - 4m2 / 43 sq. ft

LARGE BORDER - 90 tiles - 2m2 / 21.5 sq. ft 

*We can, should you require, send sample shards of the two tiles so you can see the comparatives.