Small run of 17.5cm sq period Boch Freres border tiles

A quality French Boch Freres Maubeuge ceramic encaustic border tile,  we include a scan in the gallery showing the tiles originally presented in the turn of the 20th century Boch Freres catalogue in our possession.

17.5cm square and weighing close to 1.4kgs, the tiles are over 17mm thick.

Having cleaned beautifully the slip colours are crisp and vibrant on a fluid motif.

14 border tiles, providing a linear length of 2.45 linear metres / 8 linear feet.

Can be used as a splashback or kitchen counter run or as a decorative feature in a chimney breast, Inglenook, in showers etc.

Can also be complimented with half sized Boch Freres Maubeuge borders that we have available.

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