A small c.4m2 / 43 sq ft antique French ceramic

A small triple border antique French ceramic encaustic floor dated c.1920 and totaling c.4m2 / 43sq ft.

The tiles, which are in excellent condition, are 14 cm sq / 5 ½ inches and a good quality ceramic. The floor consists of a principal field tile and a same size border tile framed above and below by a half size border tile. The background of the tiles is off-white with the geometric form consisting of a charcoal coloured chain link forming a cross, which is anchored by a repeating blue star. The more ornate borders feature stylised snowflake motifs and blue and white roping on a mushroom coloured background and compliment well the classically geometric design of the principal tiles. 

The photographs show a cleaned c.1.25m2 section of the floor with the remaining floor still to be restored. Therefore allow c.3 weeks after a confirmed order before shipping. The tiles will arrive ready to re-lay and being ceramic can be laid inside or outside of the home. 

Surface area - c.4m2 / 43 sq ft. Enquire for tile quantities by tile type.

Floor Size: 
To 5m²