A small 3.6m2 to c.6.4m2 Boch Freres ceramic 1900

A small Boch Freres ceramic totalling between 3.6m2 / 38 sq ft. and 6.4m2 / 69.2 sq ft.

Consisting of a strongly geometrically tessellating field tile and its original same size border.

17cm square tiles, over 1 kilo each, the tiles were handmade in small batches in 1900 and we include a scan from the original Boch Freres catalogue in our possession showing the tiles.

An excellent ceramic with crisp colours they have restored well revealing a deep slip. Some tiles display small chips and edge nibbles, all groutable.

A perfect floor for a small bathroom or porch or as a carpet style statement in a larger area framed by a complimentary ceramic or antique parquet.

Total surface area of 3.6m2 / 38 sq ft*

* the size of the floor can be increased by including a half size Boch Freres border which we have included in the photo gallery. There are 100 available plus 4 corner tiles. We would be happy to photograph them with the large border and field tiles if you required. Enquire for more details.

* we can also provide a second option for the large border; a ginger, white and wine coloured helix themed 17cm sq Boch Freres border. We have taken some photographs of this tile alongside the half size borders. It can be taken with or without the original three leaf clover large borders shown in the photo gallery. There are 49 plus 4 corners of this optional border available.

Field tiles - 74 - 2.1m2

Border tiles (Clover themed)  - 46 - 8 linear metres / 26 linear feet (plus 3 free tiles with chips for use as halves or corner tile mitres) - 1.33m2

Border tiles (Helix themed) - 49 plus 4 corners - 9 linear metres / 29.5 linear feet - 1.53m2

Small Borders - 100 tiles plus 4 corners - 17 linear metres / 55.7 linear feet. - 1.47m2

Floor Size: 
To 5m²5m² - 10m²