RARE – Up to 9m2 of stunning antique Sinzig tiles 1896

A rare find, reclaimed from a renovation in the cathedral city of Bourges, France, we have slowly restored these beautiful and unique Villeroy & Boch ceramic encaustic tiles manufactured in the German city of Sinzig in 1896. The manufacturing of tiles and wall panels in Sinzig dates back to 1870 and in addition to the panel factory founded in Mettlach by Villeroy & Boch in 1869, Ferdinand Frings & Co. ‘Mosaic panels and Thonwaare factory was created in Sinzig. While production has long since ceased there remains a popular, dedicated tile museum in Sinzig.

The tiles are 17cm square, close to 20mm thick, weigh 1.4kgs each and have a moulded relief surface. Each are reverse stamped with the Sinzig scroll and included in the photo gallery are scans from the original Sinzig catalogue that date the tiles to 1896. 

We have recovered c.12m2 of tiles, including two panels which we have offered separately in the splashbacks category of the website. There remains around 9m2 of tiles, which consist of field tiles and separate motif tiles as well as tiles that constitute a larger motif.

Owing to the potential to lay the floor in many different ways (and that will also be influenced by the dimensions of your area) we have not laid it out completely as the motifs can be worked and laid in several ways e.g. a large centralised motif or lots of smaller repeating motifs or a mix of both. What we have sought to show in the gallery is, in the first instance, the quality of the tiles and secondly some possibilities. 

We have loaded the tiles into the TILE SIMULATOR on the website along with their quantities*, so you can experiment with creating the look and layout. They are identified in the size area as ‘SINZIG’.
We have used the simulator to create some options ourselves and they are included in the photo gallery.

* In addition to the quantities given there are c.40 additional blue flower field tiles and c.40 random motif tiles that can be potentially used for halves, cuts and mitre corners. They all display large chips and are supplied free.

These are beautiful, bourgeois and rare tiles and their application either as a floor in its own right or as a centralised grand statement in a large entrance hall, public building, restaurant etc. framed by a modern ceramic or antique wood would do them justice. Equally, they would make a powerful statement on a wall in a restaurant, bar etc. We would be happy to work with you, without obligation, in evaluating a best fit in your chosen area.

The tiles have cleaned superbly, the photographs are a random representation of the whole, and they arrive ready to relay. They will not require sealing as a regular wash is all that is needed to retain their beauty.

Links to the two small panels can be found here

Floor Size: 
To 5m²5m² - 10m²