RARE – 32.5m2 / 350 sq. ft Roman mosaic inspired ceramic encaustic floor – 1875 to 1878

A large and rare unglazed ceramic encaustic floor produced by Boch Freres, Maubeuge between 1875 and 1878, the two main field tiles, consisting of a flower motif and simple cross come with their original full size and half size border tiles. Reclaimed from the reception room of a bourgeoisie house in Maubeuge, France, the main field tiles and large borders are 17cm sq and each tile is 1.75cm thick and weighs 1.6kg / 3.5lbs. The total surface area for the floor is 32.5m2 / 350 sq. ft.

The floor has been dated from the publication ‘Industriele Tegels 1840-1940’ and a scan below from the book shows the large border tile. In an autumnal palette, easy on the eye, the design has taken its creative inspiration from mosaics laid in the Roman Villa at Nennig, a German village in Saarland close to the French and Luxembourg borders. We have included two scans below showing these Roman mosaics and the specific detail from which the border derives its focus.

This is a rare find of a quality, handmade, heritage floor which has cleaned beautifully and arrives ready to relay. Being a highly fired ceramic it can be laid inside or outside of the home and its surface relief provides perfect traction underfoot for a lay in a conservatory, summer house or patio.

Tile quantities, give or take one or two:-

Field – Cross – 410 – 11.8m2 / 128 sq. ft

Field – Floral – 380 – 11m2 / 118 sq. ft

Large borders – 162 plus 7 corners – 4.9m2 / 52 sq. ft or 28.7 linear meters / 94.3 linear ft

Small borders – 340 plus 14 corners – 4.9m2 / 52 sq. ft or 57.8 linear meters / 190 linear ft

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Floor Size: