An elegant period ceramic floor totalling c.16m2

Totaling +/- 16m2 / 170 sq ft this is an elegant and beautiful antique French ceramic floor, dating from the 1920's. 

There are two principal field tiles, both 15cm square and floral themed. One promoting what we think is a volubilis flower in bud and the other with its cerise coloured flower open. The tiles were produced by Gare de Douzies in Maubeuge, northern France and the ceramic, as can be seen in the high resolution photographs below, is of superb quality offering a deep slip and consistent crisp colours. 

The floor is framed by a strongly geometric large border and its half size border tile. We have shown both singularly, as this was the configuration when the floor was laid, but the large borders can be laid back to back and we have shown this in a separate photograph below. The large borders were manufactured by Boucquey and Winckelmans and bear the B&W reverse stamp on the tiles.

These are an excellent ceramic which have cleaned superbly and the photographs of a random section of 1.5m2 of the floor bear testimony to that. A small number display groutable edge nibbles and as a highly fired ceramic it can be laid inside or outside of the home. Given its delicate floral theme we think it would sit well linking home to garden in a conservatory or summer house but would equally be a talking point in kitchen or bathroom, offering not only a strong period aesthetic but a practical, low maintenance flooring solution. 


Floor Size: 
10m² - 20m²