Classical antique French damier floor with ornate borders – 15m2

15m2 / 150 sq ft+ of antique French carreaux de ciments floor tiles reclaimed from a town house in Moissac , Lot et Garonne, dating from the early part of the last century. The design is classical, a black and white chessboard framed by an ornate, fluid border tile for which all four corner pieces are present. Each 20cm square field tile comprises four alternating 5cm black or white squares. Having had its old lime based mortar removed from the reverse and sides and years of old wax lifted from the face of the tiles the floor displays a rich patina, as can be seen in the high resolution photographs below, with some tiles displaying grout-able chips and edge nibbles. The floor has been cleaned with a restorative alkaline and the tiles are now back in their matt state, ready for relaying. Like terracotta tiles, carreaux de ciment tiles are porous and they will require sealing once re-laid, which is the simple task of applying a clear fluid to their surfaces to prevent staining and we will supply the sealant free with the floor. 

Tile quantities:-

Field tiles – 325 (13m2)

Border tiles – 50 (2m2) – 10 linear metres

Corner tiles – 4 – 0.8 linear metres

Plus a large number of free spares and offcuts.

Based on your interest in the floor we will be happy to evaluate the best fit for your chosen room.

Floor Size: 
10m² - 20m²