c.5m2+ of antique Boch Freres ceramic tiles

c.5m2 / 55 sq ft sq ft of antique Boch Freres, Maubege, ceramic encaustic tiles complete with their original same size border tiles. The floor has been reclaimed from the entrance hall of a large period brick built townhouse, dated 1892, in Lacres, Nord Pas de Calais, nothern France. This is a quality ceramic, as one would expect of a Boch Freres tile; 17.3cm square and close to 2cm thick. Being handmade in small batches there is subtle colour variances in the slip colouring of the vegetal themed design as can be seen in the gallery photographs. The vegetal themed field tile is charming and simple and the border takes from the same palette adding a strongly geometric framing.

The floor has cleaned well, old mortar and wax removed the tiles now reveal strong, crisp colours, unchanged since their firing over 100 years ago. Some tiles diplay some small groutable chips and edge nibbles but the tiles are in good condition and at over 1 kilo each in weigh robust for another 100 years or more. Being ceramic and highly fired they can be laid internally or externally as high and sub zero temperatures will have no effect on their durability and being excellent conductors and retainers of heat they can be laid with underfloor heating systems.

Surface area - c.5m2 / 55 sq ft. Enquire for tile quantities by tile type.

Floor Size: 
To 5m²5m² - 10m²