c.30m2 An antique French Maubeuge ceramic with its original borders

One of three antique ceramic floors reclaimed from the same town house in Saint-Laurent-Blagny, close to the city of Arras in the Pas-de-Calais department of northern France this ceramic floor was manufactured by Produits de Ceramiques, Maubeuge in the early twentieth century and consists of a 15cm square field tile and its original same size border. The palette is warm, offering egg yolk yellow, green and burgundy on an offwhite slip and the motf design is strongly geometrically and navigational. A more fluid same size border frames the floor harmoniously.

In addition to the high resolution photographs below of a random section of the floor we have also included a scan of the presentation of the tiles in the original Douzies Maubeuge catalogue in our possession.

The total surface area of the floor is 30m2+ / 325 sq ft sq ft 

The floor has cleaned well of its old lime based mortar and years of ingrained dirt and wax. As can be seen in the high resolution photograph. The colours are crisp and consistent and the floor is in excellent condition, testimony to its original quality production.

Having being highly fired it can be laid inside or outside of the home as both high summer and sub zero winter temperatures will not present a problem in delivering a beautiful but robust and low maintenance floor. 

Being excellent distributors of heat the tiles can be laid very effectively with underfloor heating systems.

We also have the same field tile with a vine themed border, providing the opportunity to lay the two floors in different rooms or merge the two to create a floor of c.85m2 / 915 sq ft.  for a larger area. The second floor can be found by clicking here


We may be able to sell a section of this floor to your requirement. Simply let us know the number of field tiles and border tiles required or optionally, if you send a floor plan with key dimensions, we would be happy to calculate that for you without obligation.

Total surface available c.30m2 - Enquire for tile counts by tile type