c.1900 - Triple border antique Belgian St Remy floor

An antique ceramic encaustic floor complete with a triple configured border tile arrangement of a same size border and duplicate half borders. The tiles are marked PCSR being Produits Ceramiques St Remy, Chimay and date c.1905. The floor has been reclaimed from the kitchen of a house close to Beauvais in France.

The principal field tile is in a fond of light grey and the simple and pure classical geometric design is centered on a repeating burgundy crossed linked by green flowers. The floor is easy on the eye and the pale border tile arrangement, in a palette of burgundy, sky blue, grey and mustard, subtly frames the whole floor. There is a second large border tile option available, which is shown in the scan of the original presentation of the tiles from the period catalogue in our possession.

The ceramic is of good quality and the colours are crisp and vibrant as the high resolution photographs show. Some tiles, particularly the half size border series, have small chips and nibbles, expected of a floor over 100 years old but the high resolution photographs of a large section of the floor are representative.

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Floor Size: 
5m² - 10m²