c.15m2 Belgian ceramic floor with impressive art nouveau borders

Just arrived and work in progress this antique Belgian ceramic floor with impressive art nouveau borders

The floor comprises of a floral, framed field tile and lush same size art nouveau borders, comprising of a left side and a right side facing tile

We have produced a simulation of the floor to show its tessellation, showing the borders laid singularly one side and double laid back-to-back on the other as both are options

Additionally, we include 6 restored tiles to show their quality and detail and the two motifs detailing crisp vibrant colours

The 14.3cm square tiles are 15mm thick and reverse stamped 'CNW'. The inscription ‘CNW’ is an abbreviation for ‘Societe Anonyme Le Ceramique National, Welkenraedt’, a company established at Forges-les-Chimay in 1892 which later opened a subsidiary in Welkenraedt in 1900. The Welkenraedt factory continued to trade until the mid 1920’s, so the tiles date between 1900 and 1925

Indicative surface area +/- 15m2

Floor Size: 
10m² - 20m²