An antique French Douzies Maubeuge ceramic tiles c.1900

An antique French ceramic encaustic tile manufactured by Ceramiques de Douzies Maubeuge in the early part of the twentieth century, reclaimed along with another floor from a house in the ancient Cathedral city of Amiens in northern France. The floor comes with its original 14cm square border tiles.

These 15cm square field tiles have cleaned superbly and the ceramic is excellent; the tiles mushroom-grey fond is beautifully complimented by the green of the oak leaves and acorns cornering each tile.  Anchoring the floor is a four tile motif, which has a hand-drawn quality, and which is in a colour we can only describe as a burnt orange or caramel. The freeform stylising, vegetal theme and colouring have all the hallmarks of art nouveau but the floor is also strongly geometric on the eye as it opens out.  The border tiles are beautifully detailed, crisp in their colouring and in a complimentary palette. As can be seen in the photographs below they frame the floor beautifully.

The floors condition is very good and it has an aged patina evident in small tile edge nibbles and the occasional small grout-able chips that can be seen in the high resolution photographs below. The 1.5cm+ thick tiles were made by a period producer known for their quality and the now clean floor has all the DNA of both a quality ceramic and design.

Being ceramic encaustic the tiles can be laid inside or outside of the home. Given the colour palette and design, options open up for a patio, conservatory or summer house visually linking home to garden..

As excellent retainers of heat they can be used efficiently with under-floor heating systems.

As an option to the border tile presented we have another available, again a Douzies Maubeuge tile and 15cm square and we have shown this in the photo gallery. This would also alllow for increasing the size of the floor area as the tiles can be laid back to back and there are a large number available.As can be seen the optional border compliments the main motif of the field tile in both design and palette.

Sold by m2, simply let us know the number of tiles required or, optionally, if you send us the key dimensions of your area we can calculate that for you. ​