Antique Belgian floor with original borders – c.5m2 / 55 sq. ft

One of three ceramic floors recently reclaimed from a period property in Tournai, Belgium built c.1910, and now restored to their original beauty.

In a palette of Bordeaux, dark spearmint green, mid grey and sky blue on an off white slip the floor offers up a delicately detailed linked design. Originally laid in the entrance, the floor was manufactured by Ceramiques Veuve Ch. AMAND in the early part of the 20th century and comprises of a principal 14cm square field tile and a double lay border consisting of a 14cm sq  faux-mosaique border and a half size lattice themed, 14cm x 7cm border.

The 15mm thick tiles are in good condition and have cleaned well, revealing a quality ceramic with a consistent slip. There are occasional small, grout-able chips present on a small number of tiles and owing to their handmade process, in small batches, there are tonal variations in colour which all adds to the charm of the floor. 

A sectional high resolution series of photographs are included below offering a representative sample of the whole floor, which totals 5m2 / 55 sq. ft in surface area.

Being highly fired, the tiles can be laid inside or outside the home and being excellent conductors and retainers of heat can be used with underfloor heating systems.

Tile quantities, give or take one or two:-

FIELD  – 160 tiles – 3.2m2 / 35 sq. ft

LARGE BORDERS – 60 tiles plus 4 corner tiles – 1.2m2 / 12.7 sq. ft or 8.4 linear metres / 27.6 linear ft

SMALL BORDERS – 73 – tiles plus 4 corner tiles – 0.7m2 / 7.5 sq. ft or 10.2 linear metres / 33.5 linear ft

Floor Size: 
5m² - 10m²