A 6.5m2 to 11m2 Sand & Cie ceramic c.1900 - rich patina

An antique French ceramic tile manufactured c.1900 by Carrelages Ceramiques Sand & Cie, Maubeuge, we show in the gallery page scans from the floors appearance in the period Sand & Cie catalogue in our possession.

The floor is in a cool palette of off white, grey, charcoal, mustard and burned red piping and the design is a popular period cross and star tessellation, in this instance framed by a cubic form tile again produced by Sand & Cie.

Owing to their handmade production in small batches there is significant variation in the tones of the tiles, as can be seen in the high resolution photographs. This is particularly evident in the red piping on the tiles, which varies from a mid red to a burned red and darker still. We have shown in the photo gallery examples of this and its evident across all of the floor.

The tiles are robust and the ceramic good; there are capillary cracks on some of the tiles, which were formed when the tile left the kiln and was cooling and there are edge nibbles and chips evident of some tiles, all groutable and part of the floors demonstrably rich antique patina. The photographs in the gallery are of a random section of around 1m2 of the floor and are representative of the whole.

The tiles are +/-15cm and again, because of their handmade production, there is thickness variation ranging from c.17mm to 20mm across the lot.

Tile quantities by tile type:-

Field tiles - 208 - 4.7m2 / 50.4 sq ft

Large Border tiles - 80 - 1.8m2 / 19.4 sq ft or 12 linear metres / 39.4 sq ft.

There are also a large number of free reject border tiles that are supplied for mitre cutting border corners.

There may be the possibility to purchase additional field tiles for this floor which would raise the total surface available to c.11m2. Enquire for details.