3.2m2 Chimay ceramic floor with domino borders

A funky, 3.2m2 / 34.5 sq ft. antique Chimay ceramic tile with its half size borders, for which all four corner tiles are available. The main field tile is 15cm sq and the half size borders 15cm x 7.5cm sq.

Despite being almost 100 years old we think the floor has a very modern feel and their aubergine, light grey and electric blue palette is certainly contemporary. The star themed main tile and domino themed border are bold and could work particularly well in a Mid-century modern or Industrial loft setting. 

The floor is in good condition, displaying a rich patina, as the photographs show. It has cleaned well of its old mortar and wax; some tiles displaying edge nibbles and small groutable chips but this is a heavy tile with a good slip. The floor arrives ready to relay, it doesn't require sealing and a good regular washing will retain its beauty for years to come. Being ceramic encaustic it can also be used with undefloor heating systems.

Perfect for a toilet, small bathroom, porch or as a centralised feature complimented by a plain ceramic or antique parquet.

Tile quantities, give or take one or two:-

115 tiles, totalling 2.6 m2 / 27.8 sq ft

48 border tiles plus 4 corners totalling 0.6m2 / 6.5 sq ft. or 7.4 linear metres / 24.2 linear feet

Floor Size: 
To 5m²