An 18m2 to 21m2+ antique Belgian art nouveau ceramic – 1905.

A Belgian ceramic encaustic floor manufactured by Carrelages Céramiques de Chimay, Maufroid Freres & Soeur, Rue Poncet, Bourlers, Henegouwen, Belgium, who later became: S.A. La Céramique de Bourlers. Maufroid Freres et Soeur and traded as such between 1879 and 1912 and this floor dates. The reverse of the tiles bears the Maufroid rings and centralised 'M' and we have included scans in the photo gallery from the original Maufroid Freres et Soeur 1905 catalogue showing the floor as well as the optional blue lozenge border tile. Totaling c.18m2 these period ceramic tiles, are +/- 16.3cm sq and +/- 15mm thick. 

The field and border tiles bear all the DNA of art nouveau design and owing to having been handmade in small batches there are some subtle tonal variations in the slip colour of some tiles, as evidenced in the photographs of a randomly taken sample of the floor in the photo gallery.

The border tiles, for which 106 are available, can be laid either singularly or back-to-back as a double border lay, as shown in the gallery. We have recovered all 4 internal border corners and 1 external border corner, the missing 3 can be mitre cut from the regular borders (if you do not know what this means we will happily explain). 

As can be seen in one photograph in the gallery, of the floor pre-lifting from its original home, there was a blue lozenge themed Maufroid border tile also laid with the floor, in the instance of the photograph as a link between rooms. There are 110 of these tiles available and they can integrated into the floors design. They are optional with the floor and would take the surface from 18m2 to 21m2.

The floor has cleaned well of its old wax and mortar; the faces show no signs of wear and the ceramic in excellent condition. A small number of tiles display groutable edge nibbles expected of a floor of between 108 years and 141 years old. Being a highly fired tile, it can be laid inside or outside of the home as high summer and sub-zero temperatures will have no effect on the ceramic. They will also work most efficiently with under floor heating systems.

Tile quantities, give or take one or two: -

FIELD – 565 tiles - 15m2m2 / 162  sq ft

LARGE BORDER – 106 tiles plus 4 corners – 3.1m2 / 33.4 sq ft or 18.6 linear metres / 61.2 linear feet (halve the lengths for a double border lay)

BLUE LOZENGE BORDER* – 110 tiles – 3m2 / 32.2 sq ft. – 17.9 linear metres / 58.7 linear feet



Floor Size: 
10m² - 20m²20m²+