+/- 17m2 French Art Deco Hallway Floor with twin border tiles

An impressive French ceramic floor reclaimed from the hallway of a house in renovation in the Champagne region of France and offering a striking art deco geometric design. The floor comprises of a main field tile and a same size border tile.

The tiles are 14cm sq in a palette of sky blue, burgundy and cream with green and yellow piping present.

A photograph of the floor pre-lifting in the hallway is included in the photo gallery. Its original laying does not preclude other laying options and we are more than happy to assist in recommending the best potential lay of the floor in your chosen area.

The floor is cleaned of all its old mortar to the reverse and sides and old wax has been removed from the faces of the tiles, so they arrive ready to relay. Being ceramic the tiles are suitable for internal or external use. 

Given the floors size, we may be able to sell a section of this floor to your requirement. Simply let us know the number of field tiles and border tiles required or optionally, if you send a floor plan with key dimensions, we would be happy to calculate that for you without obligation.

Total surface available c.17m2 / 182 sq ft - Enquire for tile counts by tile type

Floor Size: 
10m² - 20m²20m²+