Up to 15m2 ceramic patchwork - early 20th century

A wide selection of more than 700 antique 14cm sq ceramic tiles, dating from the early twentieth century, as well as a large selection of 15cm  sq and 17cm sq tiles

Possibility to create a patchwork style floor of up to 15m2 / 160 sq ft or larger 

We can supply to your specific surface area requirement and our online TILE SIMULATOR provides you with the tool to produce your own selection and layout

The larger design in the photo gallery has been produced on our Tile Simulator from 14cm sq tiles we have available. The illustration in question is 150cm x 150cm (60 inches x 60 inches) and 2.25m2 sq  / 24 sq ft, using 121 tiles

The smaller design is comprised of 15cm sq tiles

One previous example of a client creating a patchwork floor in their London home bathroom can be found here


Antique tiles were most commonly made in single or two tile moulds. Before current computer automation methods their moulds were made my hand and the colour slips mixed by eye. Kiln temperatures could also be variable, as could the firing time. The result is that often tiles display subtle size and thickness variations and there can be tonal variations in colours, owing to the slip mixing and/or firing time. All of this makes these handmade tiles unique and adds to their charm. Some floors display their subtle variations in size and tones, some not, but when photographing we always take a random section of the floor so that it is representative of the whole. A tiler should always dry lay a section of the tiles to familiarise himself with them before starting to fix lay.