15m2 Antique French Maubeuge ceramic floor - early 20th century

Dating from the early 20th century a beautiful antique French ceramic encaustic floor tile

15cm square field and same size border tiles, 15mm thick

 Total surface of 15m2 / 160sq ft

Manufactured by Produits Ceramiques Maubeuge, we have included a scan below from their original catalogue 

Reclaimed from a town house in Berlaimont, Nord, France built c.1905.

Tile quantities, give or take one or two:-

FIELD TILES - 506 - 11.4m2 / 123 sq ft

LARGE BORDER TILES - 166 including 3 corner tiles - 3.8m2 / 41 sq ft or 25 linear metres / 81.7 sq ft

Produits de Ceramiques, Maubeuge produced two tile sizes for this design, a 15cm square offering in this case and a 12.5cm square tile. We also have the 12.5cm tile floor available so there could be the option to lay the same design in two separate rooms or potentially merge the two in one larger area.

Floor Size: 
10m² - 20m²