Up to 13m2 of monochrome Sand & Cie ceramics c.1900

Up to c.13m2 of antique French ceramic tiles in a monochrome palette with burned red piping present in the cross motif

The tiles are 15.3cm square and 15mm thick and reverse stamped Sand & Cie, Feignes, Maubeuge

We include in the gallery a photo of the tile, a simulation of the tessellation across an area c.110cm x 110cm and scans from the original period Sand & Cie catalogue presenting the tile

A popular French 'star and cross' classic the design is proof of the verity of the French expression that 'less is more'

We also have the original border tiles shown, both the same size border and the half size domino themed border if required

Indicative surface area - up to c.13 m2 with possibility to sell a small section of the floor.

Simply tell us the number of field and border tiles required or optionally send us a sketch of your area with key dimensions and we will calculate for you the number needed.